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CLICK: Overpopulation
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Must-viewing for anybody concerned with the rapidly growing population of Planet Earth. The reality is far worse than you've been lead to believe. Watch, absorb, consider, and share this video with others!

Feedback from a very ordinary viewer:

"I recently previewed a video produced by Josh Meredith that really opened my
eyes to the world around me. Gosh who would have thought. Thanks Josh."
- Jami Peterson, Albany, Oregon


Hey America, You're On TV!

"Hey America, You're
On TV!"

A while back, we asked you to send us your home videos! Here's the cream of
the crop!

Run Time - 4:46
File Size - 8.82MB
File Type - WMV
Rating - Pretty safe, but not safe for all work places

Crazy Baby Noise!

"Crazy Baby Noise"

What is that crazy baby noise? Why are those men so scared? You will still
wonder after you watch this movie!

Run Time - 0:43
File Size - 4.9MB
File Type - MPEG
Rating - It's a baby

The Dungeon of Morgan's Mind

"The Dungeon of
Morgan's Mind"

Leaving more questions unanswered than it allows the viewer to ask, this dark
and strange tale will leave you with more unanswered questions than you'll be
allowed to ask. Or get answers to.

"It's basically tripe." - Bob

Run Time - 9:36
File Size - 24.3MB
File Type - WMV
Rating - You Are Scared

Angela In Canada

"Angela In Canada"

Take this video tour of beautiful Victoria BC, from the point of view of a guy with
a camcorder following Angela around.

Run Time - 2:40
File Size - 8.62MB
File Type - WMV
Rating - None needed. It's a travelogue! Duh!


What are you going to do with a V10 F250 Lariat Super Duty truck? This.

Run Time - 27 seconds
File Size - 6.5MB
File Type - MPEG
Rating - Redneck

"Drugs: The Ultimate

A profile of the intertwining lives of several drug junkies, with observations by
Albert Thorn. This movie will be the reason that none of the actors in it can ever
run for President.

Run Time - 6:59
File Size - 11MB
File Type - WMV
Rating - X (for language)

"That's Some Rodeo"

Some highlights from the 2004 Salem Rodeo

Run Time - 1:12
File Size - 8.5MB
File Type - MPG
Rating - Safe for work

"Get That Baby"

Somebody better get that baby!

Run Time - 1:12
File Size - 8.25MB
File Type - MPG
Rating - You could watch it in church

"Gun Shooting"

This is not intended as a joke. This is a very serious video and
we do not appreciate all of the emails from people who think
we're fooling around.

Run Time - 3:00
File Size - 7.07MB
File Type - WMV
Rating - Questionable

"The Grill"

A backyard grillmaster confronts an old rival, and they
settle their differences using violence.

Run Time - 3:28
File Size - 8.34MB
File Type - WMV
Rating - Not Safe For Work (violence,
mild language)

-Mike Mahoney, Gresham Oregon

This film might upset some people.
I don't want to hear about it.

"It's Bootleg Kenny"

A short sampling of Kenny Rogers at Chinook
Winds Casino, on Friday, March 26th.

Video and audio quality are low. Everything was filmed
on a Minolta Dimage Z1 digital camera.

"It's Terrible." - Jamie Peterson, Albany, Oregon

Run Time - 2:04
File Size - 3.53MB
File Type - WMV
Rating - Family friendly

"Life Isn't All That
Easy Anymore"

An earnest attempt to recreate the unique magic of the
television sitcom. Ezra gets passed up for a promotion and
struggles to fix Kate's car - but everything is bound to get
wrapped up neatly in the end!
Filmed before a live studio

Run Time - 6:22
File Size - 10.5MB
File Type - WMV
Rating - Family friendly

"The Simple Life of
Morgan Alexander"

Albany resident Morgan Alexander is profiled in this
lighthearted chronical of a simple man's struggles.

"He actually had to consent to this." - Wayne White, Cresswell Oregon

Run Time - 3:19
File Size - 8.07MB
File Type - WMV
Rating - Family friendly

"Stupid Weapon 3"

This is actually a trailer for Stupid Weapon 3, part of the Stupid
Weapon triology, which also includes Stupid Weapon 1 and Stupid
Weapon 2.

Video and audio quality are low. Everything was filmed
on a Minolta Dimage Z1 digital camera.

Run Time - 2:20
File Size - 3.61MB
File Type - WMV
Rating - Comic violence, mild language

"Bloody Knuckles"

An in depth look at the world of competitive bloody knuckles
and the people who play it.

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